Change Your View of your organization

Every day is different in your world as we move through the uncertain demands and problems on HR rapidly increase. For example:

  • Demand for big data analytics to explain the HR operations
  • The CEO wants to know why you can't fill those critical openings faster
  • The organizational processes say one thing but reality is totally different
  • A manager explodes on your boss saying that they could do your job better than you can

Seen these events recently? That is only half the total picture of your organization.

You are the key to the success of the talent management and acquisition of strong talent for your organization. You are responsible for providing the organization with the proper key performance indicators to show that the organization is in alignment with their mission, values and goals.

You are also responsible for ensuring that supervisors and managers as well as rank and file employees understand the corporate policies and procedures. You have the responsibility to ensure that these processes are applied consistently and correctly.

You have the responsibility to learn the language of business so that you can communicate with the management of your organization in their space rather than yours.

This new perspective on the HR function makes your job easier and helps you advance your career. Do you understand the language of business?

Join us for two-days of intense learning that will enable you to speak that language of business just like your peers over in finance. Discover how to directly apply the Six Sigma methodology to your organization's HR processes and put them to use your first day back in the office. You will leave with real time access to tools, techniques, strategies, and methods to change your HR department. Return to the office empowered to bring change to your organization.

Get a seat at the table

Demonstrate your value to the organization

  • Demonstrate your value through evidence based metrics to engage and empower the human capital assets within your organization.
  • Demonstrate how everyone can take ownership of the processes you use everyday.


  • 1


    • Introduction to the Road to HR Excellence Video

  • 2

    Module 2 : How do You Define HR Excellence?

    • Module 2: It's Your Turn: Define Excellence

    • Module 2: Defining Excellence

  • 3

    Module 3:Quality Essentials

    • Module 3: Quality Essentials

  • 4

    Module 4: What is the TLS Continuum?

    • Module 4: It's Your Turn: Piping Diagram

    • TLS Continuum

  • 5

    Module 5: Organizational Waste

    • Organizational Waste

  • 6

    Module 6: Project Design and Team Essentials

    • Project Dynamics and Team Essentials

  • 7

    Module 7: Voice of the Customer

    • Module 7 Voice of the Customer

    • Module 7 VOC Milestone #1

    • Module 7 VOC SIPOC Post Mortem

    • Module 7 VOC Voice of the Customer Matrix

    • Module 7 VOC Matrix Post Mortem

  • 8

    Module 8: TLS Continuum Methodology

    • Module 8.1 TLS Continuum Methodology Introduction

    • Module 8.2 TLS Continuum Process Matrix

    • Module 8.3 It's Your Turn: High School Science Assignment

    • Module 8.3 Scientific Method vs. DMAIC

    • Module 8.4 TLS Continuum Business Case

    • Module 8.5 Define Stage

    • Module 8.5 Milestone #3 Ishikawa Fishbone

    • Module 8.5 Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram Post Mortem

    • Module 8.5 Milestone #4 Recruitment Process Map

    • Module 8.5 Recruitment Process Map Post Mortem

    • Module 8.6 TLS Continuum Measure Stage

    • Module 8.6 Milestone#5 Value Stream Map

    • Module 8.6 Value Stream Map Post Mortem

    • Module 8.6 Measure stage KPI's for new candidates

    • Module 8.7 TLS Continuum Analyze stage

    • Module 8.7 It's Your Turn Determination of Taxt Time

    • Module 8.8 TLS Continuum Improve Stage

    • Module 8.9 Control Stage

  • 9

    Module 9: HRCI Body of Knowledge

    • Module 9.1 HRCI Certification

    • Module 9: Case Study #1 Hospital Turnover

    • Module 9: Hospital Turnover Case Study Worksheet

    • Module 9: Hospital Turnover Case Study Post-Mortem

    • Module 9: Case Study 2 Time to Hire

    • Module 9: Time to Hire Case Study Worksheet

    • Module9 : Time to Hire Case Study Post-Mortem

    • Module 9 Case Study#3: Ceridian Hiring Practices

    • Module 9: Ceridian Hiring Practices Worksheet

    • Module 9: Ceridian Hiring Practices Post-Mortem

    • Module 9: Case Study #4: Training Effectiveness: Is the Cost Justified

    • Module 9: Training Effectiveness Case Study Worksheet

    • Module 9: Training Effectiveness Post-Mortem

    • Training Effectiveness Attribute Assessment Tool

    • Module 9: Case Study #5 FMLA Abuse- A Six Sigma Solution

    • Module 9: FMLA Abuse Case Study Workshet

    • Module 9: FMLA Abuse Case Study Post-Mortem

    • Module 9: Case Study 6: Employee Handbook

    • Module 9: Employee Handbook Case Study Worksheet

    • Module 9: Employee Handbook Case Study Post Mortem

    • Module 9: Case Study #7 Dow Chemical Ergonomics Study

    • Module 9: Dow Chemical Ergonomics Case Study Worksheet

    • Module 9: Dow Chemical Ergonomics Case Study Post-Mortem

  • 10

    Module 10: How to Implement the TLS Continuum in your organization

    • Module 10 How to Implement the TLS Continuum in Your Organization

  • 11

    Module 11: Road to HR Excellence

    • Module 11: Road to HR Excellence

    • It's Your Turn:Employee Involvement Questionnaire

    • It's Your Turn: Traffic Intensity

  • 12

    Module 12: Final Project

    • Road to Excellence Final Thoughts

    • Final Exam

  • 13

    Next Steps

    • More resources for you

    • Project Follow Up

    • Gemba Walk

    • TLS Continuum Toolbox

About Your Instructor

The Change Maestro

Daniel Bloom

Daniel T. Bloom is a well-respected author, speaker and HR strategist, who during his career has worked as a contingency executive recruiter, member of the internal HR staff of a Fortune 1000 corporation, and a Corporate Relocation Director for several real estate firms. He is an active participant within the HR social Media scene maintaining Blogs on Best; author having written over 40 articles, which have appeared on line and in print; and written four books; Human Capital League; Blogger and Toolbox for HR. In addition he is a published (Just Get Me There- 2005 and Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma -2013, Field Guide to Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma – 2016, The Exceptional Educational System: Using Six Sigma to Transform Schools - 2017). He is a member of the Suncoast HR Management Association; Worldwide ERC; and the American Society for Quality. He is also a member of the Six Sigma Black Belt Review Board at St. Petersburg College.Dan earned a Bachelor's of Arts in Education from Parsons College and his Six Sigma Black Belt training from the Engineering and Technology Program at St. Petersburg College. He holds certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources, a Six Sigma Black Belt and as a Senior Certified Relocation Professional.


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  • Develop critical thinking skills

  • Become a solution seeker not a problem solver

  • Speak the language of business

  • Become a change maestro

  • Improve the ROI of HR

  • Enhance your value in your organization


HR Manager (retired)

Rudolph Boone

The tools that I got through this program were well worth the investment, alone

HR Manager

Lori Kindberg

It will empower you to want to make immediate and sustained improvements in your organization.

Major trade Association

VP Human resources

I see great value to applying them to HR and other administrative processes and projects. I call that an excellent return on my raining dollars.”